How to Reignite Your Learner's Mindset

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We trust that the How to Reignite Your Learner’s Mindset video sparked your desire to start or continue your journey of reigniting your Learner’s Mindset by changing your thinking about learning, your approach to learning, and by changing your learning environment. At the risk of discouraging you before you begin, we must caution that there is no Quick Fix to adopting the Learner’s Mindset. But as we all know from experience most good things will take some commitment and effort on your part. The exciting thing about the Learners’ Mindset is that it is a very natural state of being that we all had as infants and toddlers so it is just a matter of reigniting that spark of the inquisitive nature that we all once had and we can help you work through the rest of the process.

We feel so strongly that everyone must reignite their Learner’s Mindset that we are offering a free or Open Education Option (OER) option to our Revitalize Your Learners Mindset course. The modules in this course represent a culmination of over three decades of research and application with thousands of students in primary to post-secondary education that have experienced the benefits of developing the Learner’s Mindset. We implemented the core ideas of the Learner’s Mindset in a Master of Education program in 2014 and applied them even further to update and develop a new Masters program which launched in the spring of 2021 so the work and research on the Learner’s Mindset are continuing and you can benefit from these experiences. Many of our students in these two Master's programs are primary or secondary educators so we have hundreds of educators at all levels who are applying the Learner’s Mindset principles in classrooms and online all across North America and the world. Many other students work in post-secondary education or in corporate education so Learner’s Mindset has a very wide reach.

In our upcoming Learner’s Mindset book (to be released in mid-2021) you can read about a variety of experiences from educators just like yourself who helped their students adopt a Learner’s Mindset by changing their thinking about learning, changing their approach to learning, and by changing their learning environments. If you would like to be informed on the release of the Learner’s Mindset book please subscribe to our LM Mailing list and we will keep you updated on the release date.

If you want to get started on reigniting or revitalizing your Learner’s Mindset, please proceed to Revitalize Your Learners Mindset course and register for either the free or paid option.

What is the difference between the free and paid option? Coaching, feedforward, and guided support. The course resources and materials are the same, but with the paid option get our personal coaching and support. You can always start with the free option and then reach out for coaching.

Want to Reignite Your Learner’s Mindset?

If you want to start to reignite or adopt the Learner’s Mindset please sign up for the Free or Open Educational Resource (OER) Revitalize Your Learners Mindset.

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