Facilitating Online Learning Design

Have you weathered the storm of moving from face2face to online teaching, but you now realize that something is missing and you must rethink your course design?


You may have heard or even said the following:

My course, will not work online!

The interaction required for my course will not happen online!

My course is hands-on so it will not work online!

My student's access to the physical resources required in your course will not work online!

These statements can be true... If

Yes, it is true courses that require collaborative engagement, interaction or hands-on experience will NOT work online… IF….we try to force face2face methods into an online content delivery model or simply use a conferencing tool to deliver content.

These statements can be false... If

With the right design, alignment of outcomes, activities, and assessment, and effective use of collaborative tools, you can get the engagement, collaboration, and hands-on experience that these courses require. It just means that you have to build these courses differently.

If you want to build online or blended courses that use technology to enhance learning, are engaging, collaborative, and use hands-on activities you need to focus your efforts on 3 key things:

Learning Design

We help you design learning that aligns outcomes, activities, and assessments so that you can shift from delivering content to engaging your learners through communication, collaboration, and authentic learning opportunities.

Functional Implementation

We help you implement your learning design and enable you to create an online course structure that is effective, easy to follow, and that finds the balance between synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

Practical Usability

We help you test your design and implementation by having your colleagues and other intended stakeholders explore your course development and provide feedback that you will use to improve your course.

Don't Worry!

We will address all your concerns and much more. We have many decades of research and practical experience in helping hundreds of people just like you design and create significant online learning environments.

All The Tools You Need To Facilitate Online Learning Design.

Rather than have you read large portions of theory we are going to have you start using online tools and systems as you are learning how to design your online learning environment. Similarly, instead of just teaching you about instructional design, functional implementation, and usablity we are going to coach and guide you as you use the same methods and tools we do as you create your online or blended course.

Change the Online World One Learner at a Time

We believe it has never been a better time to be a learner. If you want to create an effective online or blended course then the Facilitating Learning Online Design course is for you.

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